Ticket selling

How to buy a ticket?

How to buy a ticket?

1. Registration
To work with the system, you need to register on the site tickets.fc-enisey.ru.
Since the last name and first name given during registration are printed on the e-ticket, we recommend that you register immediately with your real data. Be sure to include any contact phone number. The data you enter remains confidential. After registration, go to the site using your username and password.

2. Choice of event
You can find the event you are interested in in the list on the main page of tickets.fc-enisey.ru.

3. Booking tickets
On the same page you can choose the type of tickets you are interested in and their number.
The reservation is valid for 30 minutes, try to make payment during this time. After 30 minutes, the seats will be released from the reservation automatically.

4. Preparation for payment
To proceed to payment, you need to go to the basket page using the "Tickets" link in the site header.

5. Payment
The tickets.fc-enisey.ru online store is connected to the Uniteller processing center, which allows you to use the services of instant payments on-line.
Bank cards of the following payment systems can be used for payment:

Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, Visa Virtual*, Visa Electron*

MasterСard Mass, MasterСard Gold, MasterСard Platinum, MasterCard Standard*

* - cards are accepted with restrictions, check with your issuing bank about the possibility of paying via the Internet.

Please note that Sbercard, Maestro cards are not accepted in the system.

Security Guarantees
Service provider Uniteller protects your bank card data, confirmed by compliance with the PCI DSS security standard. Card details are entered on a secure payment page, information is transferred to the Uniteller processing center using TLS encryption technology. Further information is transmitted through closed banking networks with the highest level of reliability. Uniteller does not transfer your card details to the store and other third parties. For additional authentication of the cardholder, the 3D Secure protocol is used. If your Bank supports this technology, you will be redirected to its server to enter additional payment details.
If you have any questions when paying, you can contact the customer support service of Uniteller by e-mail support@uniteller.ru, or by phone in Moscow (495) 987-19-60.

6. Electronic tickets

What is an e-ticket?
An electronic ticket is a personal document provided electronically in PDF format (Acrobat Reader document). It does not require exchange at exchange offices. The e-ticket file becomes available for download in your personal account, in the "My Payments" section, immediately after you make the payment and receive confirmation from the Uniteller electronic payment system.

Security measures when handling an electronic ticket
Please note that the e-ticket has a barcode, which is valid for a single entry to the event. If your ticket is photocopied by a third party, it can forge an e-ticket and go through the authorization system before you. It is in your interest not to allow the ticket to be copied.
Purchased tickets are non-refundable and non-refundable. You can exchange or return e-tickets only in case of cancellation or replacement of the event.
Since the e-ticket is a personal document for access to the event, you must have an identity card with you. When entering an event with an electronic ticket, the staff has the right to require you to provide an identity document for verification with the data of the electronic ticket. In the event that you have purchased several tickets for relatives or acquaintances, you should be able to be near them when entering the event, as staff may require reconciliation with the data of electronic tickets.

Getting an e-ticket
After paying for the order, in the Purchase History section, opposite the payment made, a link to a PDF file will appear - Download ticket.
Acrobat Reader is required to open the e-ticket file. You can download the free version of Acrobat Reader here.

When ordering several tickets at a time, one multi-page file with several electronic tickets will be generated.